There is a certain magic that only can be found in a Disney theme park. This magic has become a significant part of the lives of many people, not just in the United States but around the world. There are currently 11 Disney theme parks around the world in Florida, California, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Paris.

For me, this strong relationship with Disney started at a young age when my parents brought me to Walt Disney World in Florida. Our family visited every year or two from then on, and in 2008 at the age of 19 I became a Disney Cast Member as a part of the Disney College Program.

My experience with Disney parks has pretty much been limited to the Florida parks up to this point. I experienced Disney Cruise Line for the first time late in 2008, and was completely amazed at how the Disney quality could be transferred to a ship on the ocean.

I am aiming to visit all of the Disney parks in one trip and document that endeavor on this blog. I plan on discussing the planning process here, and will post photos and videos of the trip when I end up doing it.

After completing the College Program, I’ve remained as a Cast Member in various roles. Since this blog is not associated with my employment with Disney, I will not be discussing my current role here. I suppose it’s some sort of keeping my personal and professional lives separate.

If any travel agencies or vendors of products related to any of Disney’s worldwide destinations are interested in promotional opportunities, please contact me at jeff@mouseathon.com.

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